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Cracked bath repair

Bath repair

This bath had an unknown object fall on the top edge. This created a cracked area around 200 mm long by 100mm wide. Repairs done to this area can be hard to achive because of gloss levels and reflections.                                                                  

Cracked Bath Repair

Bath Repair

Damage can be repaired to any bath type, and matched to all colours.  Damage caused from burning, cracking, lots of hairline fractures, staining, chipping, rust , all of this and more can be repaired.

Cracked vanity basin.

Vanity Basin Repair

Basins often get chipped from objects being dropped. They can also suffer from severe hairline cracking, which looks bad but is repairable.
Ceramic, Acrylic or Fibreglass all colours all repairable.

Vanity basin.

Vanity Basin Resurface

Damage of all types can be repaired to any vanity basin, and matched to all colours.  Damage caused from burning, cracking, lots of hairline fractures, staining, chipping, rust , all of this and more can be repaired.

Shower resurface

Shower Tray

This Shower Tray had movement under foot, which was caused by an unrepaired crack, this allowed water to penetrate and rot the built in support material underneath, using a special process this can be repaired.                                           

Acrylic shower tray has been rebuilt and resurfaced.

Resurfaced Shower Tray

While this type of repair is severe, the end result is strong, solid and a fraction of the cost of fully replacing with a new shower tray. It can be reused in 24 hours and finished in any colour.

Burnt spa Acrylic

Burnt Acrylic Spa

Repairs to the internal seen acrylic surface only.
The top corner of this Spa bath was burnt in a house fire, it was fully repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement.                                                                  

Spa Bath Acrylic

Burnt Acrylic Repair

Damage can be repaired to any spa type, and to all colours.  This spa was burnt in a house fire, now, fully repaired and still in use 3 years later.

Concrete tiled bath.

Unique Alterations

A concrete tiled bath in a resort, the owner wanted an access cut into the  side to allow for easier access to have a shower. The final cutout still had to have enough height to allow the option of a shallow bath. 

Concrete tiled bath.

Bath Alterations

If you would like something very out of the usual done, thats fine , get in touch, some very odd things have been done. All usable some better than others.

Claw Foot Bath Repair

Claw Foot Bath Repair

The repair of claw foot baths in any condition. Repairs to bath internal, external and feet, finishes in any colour done on site or major rebuilds at my workshop.

Clawfoot bath resurfaced

Claw foot Bath Resurface

Repairs can be severe, claw foots are found at the dump or used as a cow watering trough, the end result is a lovely looking bath that looks great and is finished in the colour to suit your home.

Have you been told your bath, shower or vanity basin has to be replaced.

 Quality bath repair to all bath types. Regardless of the damage it can be repaired, resurfaced and brought back like new again. Baths that have been split across their width or in their length because of incorrect support underneath, can all be repaired for a fraction of the cost to renovate your bathroom.

Your Shower tray that is soft and spongy under foot because water has penertrated through a surface crack and rotted the support timber between the resin layers, or your polymable shower tray that now has a piece broken out of it, this can all be rebuilt, repaired, resurfaced and brought back to like new again in any colour and any shape.

The removal of a bath or shower tray is not just a straight forward process. You will also require the services of a Plumber, Tiler, Water proofer, as well as a carpenter, costing thousands of dollars.


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Passionate about the quality of what I do, while in your home. Located on the Sunshine Coast, working all areas from Northern Suburbs Brisbane to Gympie. Most of our ongoing work comes from word of mouth, with satisfied people. Different processes have been developed for the rebuilding of totally broken baths and shower trays.This lead to other special modification requests, too caravan or motor van shower rebuilds. I work in all types of homes no job is too big or too small.

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